Plastic Engineering

SMI is staffed with a full-time engineer and a support staff that has been doing injection molding longer than most of us have been able to walk. Those of us that are now able to walk have brought SMI to the cutting edge of industry technology, including:


• The latest edition of SolidWorks

• Comprehensive mold-flow analysis software

• 3D mold and part design

• The latest edition of Mastercam

• 3D printing

• And much more….

What does this mean to your company?

SMI can design your part, build a virtual mold, and inject your product before you ever cut any steel. This will help you see any problems or pitfalls before you spend any money on a physical product. If you want to hold your part in your hand, we can even get you a 3D printed part. Contact Us now for details and pricing to see what we can do for you.