Hydrographic Transfer

Hydrographic Transfer,  sometimes called Water Transfer Printing or Immersion Graphics is process by which a pattern is transferred onto a product. Have you seen those cool helmets all the college football teams have? Yup, Hydrographic Transfer. That rifle with the wild camouflage? Again, Hydrographic Transfer.

It’s a little hard to explain, but makes sense to witness.

Move your mouse over the image below  to see the amazing results

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SMI specializes in decorating and painting plastic products, but we can do a wide variety of materials.
We can formulate paint in any color you could imagine.

SMI’s proprietary clear coat has adhesion and flexibility properties that surprise even us sometimes.


Our Patterns

See if you like any of our stock patterns and if you don’t, SMI can develop a custom pattern for you. Click on your favorite  pattern below to see more.